Brecht Hermans is a Belgian theatre maker, writer and musician. He lives in Rotterdam (NL).

He is currently working on Zelfportretten van het Oude Westen: together with visual artist Hans Bossmann he will make a tour through the neighbourhood Het Oude Westen in Rotterdam to invite people to draw on objects and share their stories. In the end of the tour, all the objects and all the stories will be presented in a living exposition at Speelcentrum Weena and at Theater Rotterdam. A publication will be made by RealMAG and the stories will be added to the living heritage collection of Museum Rotterdam.

Other current projects are The Karamazovs, in which Brecht invites the audience to join the creation of a hear-play based on Dostojevski’s masterpiece The Brothers Karamazov, and the mobile radio i Play (performance #2 from Brecht’s artistic research project SHARED/FOLDER).

In Belgium, Brecht is now working with Ell Circo D’Ell Fuego / De Machienerie on the project Carnivale – a beautiful circus village that will settle down at different festivals, starting with MiraMiro in Ghent and Theater op de Markt in Hasselt this summer.

The last two years, Brecht has been acting with Theater Babel Rotterdam – an inclusive theatre company and academy. Because of scheduling conflicts, Brecht could not participate in the next performance Piazza, but he is still connected to the company. He now works for the PR and the organization of the new post-education Inclusive Theatremaking – starting in the fall of 2018.

As a writer, Brecht has written texts for Filet Puur in Bilzen en DOX in Utrecht. He writes articles and interviews for CircusMagazine (B) and theatre reviews for Theaterkrant (NL). In the past, he has written for goddeau.com and DM City Magazines (De Morgen).

Adding to the list, Brecht has a very enjoyable side-job as a cityhost at the new hostel CityHub Rotterdam. In his spare-time he enjoys swimming, watching movies (yeey Cineville!), playing the piano and diving into Rotterdam’s night life.